One Day, I’ll Reach The Maldives

It’s funny how you can dream of a place and see it so vividly, but you’ve never even been there. That’s why I love pictures and enjoy social media. I see pictures of the Maldives from a few people I follow on Instagram and every time I’m drawn to it. The water is so beautifully blue and crystal clear. The sand always looks amazing – so clean and white. Then the huts shown right on the water has to be the most romantic thing you could imagine. I can’t even imagine being there and thinking of anything else on earth. I’m not even a “sit at the beach” all day kind of guy, but it’s something about that place.

Picture courtesy of google
Picture courtesy of google

But here’s the catch – I’ve purposely put off many beautiful, tropical, romantic locations since I don’t have a love of my life. I know it may sound crazy, but some destinations you can’t visit single or with just anybody. Right now, the Maldives is on that list (insert sad face here 😔). Listen I’m not saying this rule will stand forever. I’ll eventually find someone special enough to go there with me and it’s going to be the time of our lives!

This is definitely the vision I have in my head for my trip! Me & my lady

Picture courtesy of google

I think “dreaming” is a good thing, a very healthy thing. It gives you something to work towards and keeps a hint of excitement in you at all times. The key is to work towards it. For now, I’ll enjoy the beautiful pictures and start to do some research on the Maldives. I’m sure the snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, pedal boarding, jet skiing is all unbelievable there.

To all my dreamers out there stay focused on the prize and if it’s a travel destination be sure to take some bomb pictures for the rest of us! All A Dream Travel is about doing things beyond your wildest dreams, or accomplishing something you dreamed of for a long time and finally doing whatever it is you set out to do. To me, this all can fall under the “All A Dream” umbrella because it will be special in each scenario.

In closing… More Travel, More Life!

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