Bail (Ubud), Indonesia

Nothing makes me feel more alive and excitement than traveling the world. It’s one of those things that’s hard to explain. It’s a feeling I have inside my body that isn’t present all the time, so it’s kinda easy to sense when it’s present. The easiest way I can explain it is I’m genuinely happy almost the entire day, everyday I’m traveling. I’m exploring something new and exciting. My soul is being fed what it needs.

By the way, I’m Greg and I live in Los Angeles, CA, but originally from Cleveland, OH. It turns out I absolutely love to travel the world – if you went by my first 31 years of life, you might not have guessed that. I had a late start in life at international travel (almost age 32, kinda sad), but I had an incredible run of 19 countries in less than four years (2015-2019) to make up for it. That run has led me to want to share my experiences through this travel blog.

All A Dream Travel blog is for anyone who loves to travel (international or domestic), enjoys travel photographs, curious about travel and want to learn more, or simply interested in hearing other people’s perspective on travel, life and dreams. This blog is from my perspective, but I enjoy hearing other people’s. We don’t all like the same things.

All A Dream Travel blog is meant to be fun, educational, thought provoking, relatable, and very much travel focused. I’m not here claiming to be a travel guru, but I believe in capturing moments wherever I go. Therefore, I have many great photos (all photos in blog are my own unless noted) and stories from my travels that I would like to share.

My Mission:
Through All A Dream Travel I want to share my travel and life experiences and talk about dreams. Dreams can be travel locations I’ve been to already that far exceeded my expectations or places I still want to visit (dream destinations). But the added twist of this travel blog is the dream component can also be about real life dreams as well. Maybe you dream to accomplish a goal, get a job, build a relationship, any and all of those topics can be covered.

The Life category will touch on just that…. Life! Sometimes I have thoughts in my head I know other people are having and I want to get it out. Maybe someone will relate to it.

I hope to build a community where there is incredible dialogue & interaction around these topics and people share their experiences and tips. I’m writing what moves me and basically the thoughts that are running around in my head. It’s my perspective in my own voice and hopefully people find it interesting. It’s not intended to be exhaustive of all the things you can do in a particular place or be your only resource, but to provide insight from a real-life, down-to-earth person who wants to spark your interest. Let’s have some fun – talk some travel, life and dreams!

Greg W.

P.S. Feel free to reach out about any topics or ask any questions you might have. I love to hear other people’s stories too! And please share photos.

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