Road Trippin

A friend of mine knows I’m always traveling or looking to travel, so he decided I was the perfect person to invite for a last minute decision on a road trip. He knew pretty much all his other friends would say no due to such a quick turnaround, but I would at least be interested. On Friday night he decided it would be cool to drive up to San Francisco/Oakland from Los Angeles to watch the Golden State Warriors play the Los Angeles Clippers.

Immediately I was interested. I’m a huge NBA fan, which he knows. Also, I love visiting the Bay Area and going to sporting events live. Only there were a couple issues. 1) My buddy drives a Tesla model 3, but it was currently in the shop having work done. He would only go if he got his car back on Saturday, which was a possibility. 2) He is not much of a planner, so although it was his trip, I knew I’d be on the hook for making sure everything went smoothly. 3) We hadn’t seen each other in over a year and a half – not a real issue, but not usually how your first meet up after so much time goes.

Saturday morning rolls around and my buddy gets notified by Tesla he can pick his car up at 2pm. When he messaged me, I let him know I was in… even though we hadn’t booked a hotel or bought game tickets. The plan was to pick me up at 4pm and hit the road. The trip would take us about 8 hours due to multiple stops at Tesla charge stations. Normally it’s about a 5 1/2 drive from LA. We would book our hotel as we were driving up. As we were driving, we came up with an even crazier idea – the San Francisco 49ers were playing the Chicago Bears earlier in the day on Sunday. Warriors game was at 5:30pm and 49ers were at 1:05pm. We decided to go back-to-back!

We ended up staying at the Holiday Inn in Fishermans Wharf. It was my first time staying in Fishermans Wharf. Sunday morning my buddy recommended a famous Irish cafe that was known for the most amazing Irish Coffee for breakfast. Irish coffee’s consist of whiskey and coffee topped with cream. If you’re interested and in the San Fransciso area, I highly recommend Buena Vista.

The trip turned out to be a major success. It was both of ours first time at Levi Stadium where the 49ers play. It’s not actually in San Francisco but rather in Santa Clara about an hour south. It’s a beautiful stadium. The Bears won 14-9 and improved their record to 11-4.

However, the highlight of the day came later watching Steph Curry drop 42 points on the Clippers at Oracle Arena. He put on a dazzlingly shooting clinic and the place was rocking! It is the Warriors last year in Oakland at Oracle Arena before moving into their new waterfront state of the art arena the Chase Center in San Francisco next season. He are a few photos from the game.

In closing… More Travel, More Life!

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